Uniquely Encoded Multifilament Security Yarns

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — November 27, 2012 — Microtrace, the original taggant company and leader of the
taggant technology evolution for over 26 years, announces the availability of the world’s first
multiple level security yarn — Microtaggant® Security Yarns.

Easily incorporated into woven labels, fabrics, ribbons and any other woven structure,
Microtaggant Security Yarns offer the highest level of security against counterfeiting. Benefits of
Microtaggant Security Yarns far exceed all other security yarns; they are a tailor made security
solution, are uniquely encoded specific to each customer or application, offer multiple levels of
security and are easily authenticated in the field with inexpensive readers and detectors.

“For years the sewn garment industry has expressed great interest in Microtaggant
Identification Particles,” says Brian Brogger, Vice President of Microtrace, “However, due to the
size of the Microtaggant particle, they could not be incorporated into multifilament yarns and
applied efficiently. After several years of development, we are pleased to offer the first security
yarn with multiple levels of security- Microtaggant Security Yarns.”

Microtrace Security Yarns can be dyed any color and behave like a standard multifilament
yarn that can be used in any woven structure.

Microtaggant® Identification Particles

Microtrace Microtaggant® Identification Particles are a microscopic, traceable,
anti-counterfeit technology. In basic form, Microtaggants are a unique numeric code sequence in a
multiple colored layer format. In more complex forms, Microtaggants deliver multiple layers of
security through the incorporation of various materials such as up-converting phosphors, UV
fluorescence, UV afterglow, etc. into the structure of each Microtaggant particle. The combination
of multiple taggant technologies makes the Microtaggant very difficult if not impossible to

Microtaggant Identification Particles act as virtual fingerprints, resulting in positive,
error-free identification every time. This technology enables employees or investigators to do
on-the-spot field testing, providing positive, instant identification and verification of materials
with inexpensive readers and detectors. Some customers use a single code for yes/no identification
or authentication and other customers use tens or hundreds of unique codes to identify contract
manufacturer, market product is intended for, time of manufacture, etc.

Posted December 4, 2012

Source: Microtrace