Garmatex Technologies Inc. Signs 5 Year Textile Licensing Agreement With BODYARMOUR® And BASE360™

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — December 13, 2012 — Garmatex Technologies, Inc. (“Garmatex” or the
“Company”), an innovative leader in the research and development of scientifically engineered,
performance-inspired fabric technologies, is pleased to announce the signing of a 5 year licensing
contract with Pro-Formance Insights, R.A. Inc. (PFI), a Canadian company specializing in cut
resistant base layer protection apparel that safeguards against serious lacerations in sports, law
enforcement and other high-risk professions. PFI is selling their products through the brand names

Doug Thom, CTO of Garmatex states; “This is truly an amazing breakthrough. By combining PFI’s
patented cut resistant technologies with our moisture management fabrics and patented T3® gusset
technology, this is truly the convergence of 2 superior technologies combined into 1 phenomenal
product. Whether you’re a hockey player trying to prevent skate cuts or a police officer exposed to
a dangerous situation, you now have the ultimate in comfort, performance and protection built into
one product.”

Rolf Loyens, President of PFI, is equally excited about this relationship. “This has been a
long process for us to find a partner that views performance and protection equally as important as
we do. In some cases, our users are on the front line putting their lives at risk therefore there
can be no compromise for quality; only the best will do.” Mr. Loyens also adds that; “We pre-tested
the product with our key influencers and the response by insiders to this new technology within our
2013 BODYARMOUR® and BASE360™ product line has been overwhelmingly positive. Hockey players are
looking to prevent severe lacerations from skates and the integration of protection in a light
weight performance fabric is establishing our base layer products as an integral piece of equipment
versus just an accessory.” Mr. Loyens comments that; “If one takes into account the multiple
applications for this technology like: hockey, ice sports, law enforcement, security, industrial
and military, the potential for this segment of the apparel market can be in excess of $400

Darren Berezowski, President of Garmatex suggests that; “This signing with PFI affirms our
goal at Garmatex towards continuing to license our leading-edge fabrics and technologies to premium
brands that are looking to use innovation to help improve lives around the world. Our technologies
combined with PFI’s technologies create a rather unique product which truly leverages both
companies into a strong market position. We are convinced that developing leading-edge technology
and partnering with like-minded companies will ultimately transform the materials industry and help
establish Garmatex as the leader for performance and fabric technologies.”

Posted on December 18, 2012

Source: Garmatex Technologies Inc./PRNewswire