Teijin Eco Circle, V-Lap Polyester Selected For Nissan, Mitsubishi Interior Textiles

Polyester fibers developed by Tokyo-based Teijin Ltd. have been selected for use in automotive
interior textiles in vehicle models offered by Japan-based automakers Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. and
Mitsubishi Motors Corp.

The company’s Eco Circle Plantfiber, whose content comprises more than 30-percent biobased
polymer derived from sugar cane, will be used in seat, door trim, headrest and center armrest
fabrics in the 100-percent electric Nissan Leaf — the first mass-produced vehicle in which Eco
Circle Plantfiber has been used for interior applications. Teijin partnered with Japan-based
automotive seat maker Suminoe Teijin Techno Co. Ltd. and Nissan to develop the fabrics.

Teijin’s V-Lap polyester — a lightweight, bulky, sound-absorbing, easily molded nonwoven
material that has vertically oriented fibers — is being used as backing in floor carpet for the
newly introduced Mitsubishi Outlander midsize crossover vehicle. The carpet was developed by
Japan-based automotive interior parts maker Hayashi Telempu Corp.

Teijin reports it also is developing V-Lap heat-insulating materials for housing
applications, and notes that the materials can be bonded to other films to create composite
materials that provide added functionality to nonwoven products.

November 27, 2012