SDL Atlas, Tinius Olsen Introduce Horizon Software For Tensile Testing

SDL Atlas — a Rock Hill, S.C.-based provider of textile testing instruments — has partnered with
Tinius Olsen Inc. — a Horsham, Pa.-based provider of static tension and compression materials
testing machines — to introduce Horizon, a software solution that combines research and development
and the charting and analysis functions of quality control testing into a single, simplified
testing platform.

Horizon software features a structured query language (SQL) server, which offers a more
stable platform for use with modern data management systems than that offered by an Access
Database, SDL Atlas reports. The Windows®-based software is supplied standard with a Test Method
Library of international and industrial test methods — including ASTM, EN, DIN, BS, ISO, and CN —
as well as procedures, calculations, and report formats for test types such as tension, shear,
compression, flexure, puncture and burst, tear, peel, melt flow, Charpy and Izod impact, friction,
stiffness, deflection temperature under load, Vicat penetration and torsion.

Other features include a Test Editor that enables customization of test methods; a Tabbed
Test and Recall Area that allows users to examine previous tests while conducting live tests;
Multiple Machine Control of various test types; and Multilingual capabilities. Horizon also enables
users to pull data from other instruments not offered by Tinius Olsen through serial or USB ports.

November 6, 2012