Eurojersey Introduces Sensitive® Fabrics Bodyware

Italy-based Eurojersey S.p.A., manufacturer of Sensitive® Fabrics — a patented line of
polyamide/Lycra® warp-knitted fabrics for underwear, swimwear, sportswear and ready-to-wear apparel
— has introduced Sensitive Fabrics Bodyware.

The new collection combines features of the company’s Sensitive Fabrics line — including
softness; light weight; breathability; and resistance to chlorine, ultraviolet rays, pilling and
wrinkles — with Switzerland-based HeiQ Materials AG’s Adaptive by HeiQ and Pure by HeiQ

Adaptive by HeiQ textile finish provides thermoregulation and moisture-management effects
triggered by body temperature variations. If body temperature is low, the finish absorbs moisture
to keep the wearer warm; if body temperature is high, it transports and releases moisture to keep
the wearer cool.

Pure by HeiQ, created jointly with Singapore-based Huntsman Textile Effects, is a
silver-based antimicrobial textile treatment that offers odor and freshness control.

November 6, 2012