Karl Mayer Develops The TM 4 T-EL Tricot Machine

Germany-based Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik recently introduced the TM 4 T-EL four-bar terry
tricot machine, which features integrated electronic guide bar control (EL) and the KAMCOS® Motion
Control/Multi Speed system for extended design capabilities. Options for the single- or
double-sided loop-pile fabrics include smooth edges, relief-like ribs and 3-D chessboard patterns
with large repeats if desired. The fabrics are suitable for the production of beach towels and
textiles for cleaning products. Additional design elements – such as cord-like rib constructions,
rectangular patterns in different sizes, flat edges and multicolored effects – can be created in
the vertical flat stripes by selecting the appropriate threading-in arrangement. Flat edges may be
sewn into hems, or embroidered with a trademark. According to the company, the warp-knitted terry
cloth fabrics have a soft feel with firmly anchored loops.

The machine runs at 1,400 meters per minute (m/min), and features electronic controls for
yarn let-off, ground guide bars and fabric take-down. All machine parameters and data can be input
using the touchscreen controls, with a USB stick or via the manufacturer’s computer network.

The company plans to launch a version of the machine for cotton processing. The TM 4-TS EL
should be available during quarter 4 2013.

July 10, 2012