150 Years Terrot

150 years ago — on 16th April 1862 — Charles Terrot (1831-1903) and the businessman Wilhelm
Stücklen founded the Terrot factories.

This marked the beginnings of what is now Terrot GmbH and makes it the world’s oldest large
circular knitting machine manufacturer that is still in business.

On 13th of July 2012 the company celebrated its 150th anniversary. Almost 200 guests from all
over the world followed the invitation of Andreas von Bismarck and Peter Schüring, both Managing
Directors of Terrot.

At the Terrot site at Paul-Gruner-Straße the guests expected a site tour through the
mechanical production and the assembling hall, followed by ceremonial act in the Terrot assembly
hall. At the center of the official speech stood the outstanding and eventful company history as
well as strategic goals and opportunities of the company in the future. Further highlights were the
visit of the Industrial Museum of Chemnitz and the subsequently city tour by bus. In the evening
has taken place a dinner ceremony with 150 invited guests.

Terrot has made major contributions to the development of the global textile industry based
on expertise gained as a result of 150 years of experience and its many innovations and it is still
able to demonstrate its technical prowess. Terrot will continue to place great importance on
research and development in future too in order to continue to maintain its position in the global
markets through its technical expertise and innovations. This will safeguard the company’s success
and continued existence.

“Currently we are producing 55-60 circular knitting machines per month,” says Managing
Director Peter Schüring (72). Terrot circular knitting machines are sold worldwide. They are
operating in textile factories in India, China, Turkey and Brazil. Terrot generates an annual
turnover of 30 million euros with a staff of currently 200 employees.

Posted on July 17, 2012

Source: Terrot GmbH