Karl Mayer Revamps HKS 3-M To Offer Increased Speed, Compact Design

Germany-based textile machinery manufacturer Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH now offers a
third generation of its HKS 3-M three-bar tricot knitting machine, reporting that the new design
enables 15-percent higher speeds than the previous generation, while also being more compact in its

The company has completely redesigned the machine’s knitting motion, machine frame and beam
let-off frame. In addition, the new design includes improved access to the warp beam rollers on the
right-hand side of the machine.

Currently, the new version offers a 210-inch working width and E 28 and E 32 gauges.
Additional widths and gauges will be made available in the future.

Karl Mayer notes that the design and movement of the HKS 3-M’s knitting elements allows it
flexibility to work a wide array of stitch densities and lappings and to process all yarn types
that are used in warp-knit applications. Fabrics that can be produced range from tulle and net
curtain and lingerie fabrics to sportswear and dense upholstery fabrics and also including
semi-technical fabrics such as mosquito netting, shoe fabrics and other such fabrics.

June 5, 2012