ICCTM Recognizes Fibrotest And Premier AQura 2™

The Switzerland-based International Textile Manufacturers Federation’s International Committee on
Cotton Testing Methods (ICCTM) — a nonprofit technical committee that evaluates new and existing
cotton testing methods and instrumentation — has granted full recognition to two testing
instruments: Germany-based Textechno Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG’s Fibrotest and India-based
Premier Evolvics Pvt. Ltd.’s Premier aQura 2™. ICCTM evaluated company-provided information and
results from instrument comparison of multiple testing units to determine the instruments’
applicability in textile mills or for research purposes.

Textechno’s Fibrotest dual-purpose instrument measures both fiber length and fiber strength
in succession on the same fiber bundle without the need for a calibration cotton sample. Once the
measurements are recorded, Fibrotest also measures the sample size between the clamps so the exact
and absolute tenacity value can be calculated. If desired, the system can be calibrated with
calibration cotton to replicate high-volume instrument (HVI) data. A comb-type sample holder is
used to prepare the sample, and an optical system with high lateral resolution compensates for
unavoidable fiber mass variation along the sample holder. The instrument is available in the United
States through Spartanburg-based distributor Measured Solutions Inc.

Premier Evolvics’ Premier aQura 2 tests the length and nep properties of cotton fiber
materials at different processing stages and outputs including raw cotton, opened material, sliver
and comber noil. The patented high-speed Aero Mechanical Individualiser (AMI) and Laser beam
precisely measure and classify neps by type and size; and an optical LED array provides actual
length measurement on an end-aligned sample. Additional options for the Premier aQura 2™ include
the True Neps feature, which helps control the card and comber process parameters and identify
rogue machines as well as determine card clothing life; True Short Fibre, which represents the most
appropriate short fiber against the fixed length of 12.7 millimeters, and helps control the card
and comber process; and the Gravimetric Trash Module, which works with a single pass of the
material as opposed to conventional multiple pass systems.

April 3, 2012