US BioDesign Offers Services To Medical Device Customers

US BioDesign, Perkasie, Pa., has opened its doors to offer original equipment manufacturing (OEM)
services to the medical device industry. The company will focus on custom designing implantable
textile constructs made of polymeric and/or metallic raw materials for cardiovascular, orthopedic,
general surgery and neurological device applications.

The new company is led by president and CEO Tom Molz and Chief Technology Officer Skott
Greenhalgh, Ph.D., who in 2002 founded Secant Medical LLC — a developer and manufacturer of woven,
knitted and braided custom biomedical textile structures for medical devices, formed as a
subsidiary of Perkasie-based Prodesco Inc. Prodesco and Secant Medical were acquired by United
Kingdom-based Fenner Plc in 2008.

In 2006, Molz and Greenhalgh founded Stout Medical Group, also based in Perkasie, to develop
technologies for the medical device industry.

“All of our competitors are textile companies first, medical companies second,” Molz said.
“These competitors often quote multiple samples to solve their customer’s problem, taking
considerable time and charging significant development fees for these activities. US BioDesign is
set up on day one to be a medical company first and a textile company second. We realize the
importance of working with our customer to support their medical device – quickly and efficiently.”

“US BioDesign has designed and acquired some very unique equipment, including the world’s
largest medical braiding machine,” Greenhalgh said. “With this equipment and the strong skills of
our employees, all industry veterans, we are able to provide many specialized product solutions to
our customers.”

November/December 2011