Avantium And The Coca-Cola Company Sign Partnership Agreement To Develop Next Generation 100% Plant Based Plastic: PEF

AMSTERDAM — December 15, 2011 — Dutch research and technology company Avantium has developed a
patented technology YXY to produce 100% biobased PEF bottles. Currently PET is the most widely used
oil-based polyester. Based on the performance of the new PEF material, Avantium believes PEF will
become the next-generation biobased polyester.

Today the company announced an agreement with The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) to further
co-develop Avantium’s YXY technology for producing PEF bottles. First milestones include the
start-up of an Avantium PEF pilot plant, officially opened on December 8th in Geleen, the
Netherlands. It is expected that other large co-development partners will join from early 2012.

Avantium’s CEO Tom van Aken: “Our YXY solution for the packaging industry creates a new
biobased plastic with exceptional functional properties at a competitive price. We believe it is
economically viable and has a significantly reduced environmental footprint. We have already made
bottles with exceptional barrier and thermal properties and our production process fits well with
existing supply chains. We plan to initiate commercial production of PEF in about three to four

PEF can be derived from any biomass feedstock containing carbohydrates, such as sugarcane,
agricultural residues, plants and grains. Using YXY as a fast and efficient chemical-catalytic
technology, these carbohydrates can be converted into a wide variety of bioplastics. Current
process economic estimates indicate that PEF will be a viable alternative to petroleum-based PET.
Says Tom van Aken: “PEF is 100% biobased and when commercialized will be fully recyclable. We
believe that PEF fulfills key criteria to become a next generation biobased plastic for food,
beverages and other applications. We are very excited about the co-development phase we are
entering with The Coca-Cola Company to continue the development of PEF and make this new material
ready for mass production and recycling. Their leadership and experience in commercializing
biobased materials make them a great partner to work with as we commercialize this exciting new

On 8 December, Avantium officially opened its pilot plant in the Netherlands, to start up its
YXY process at scale. The pilot plant, with a capacity of 40 tons per year, produces PEF material
for application development. The collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company is key to secure a smooth
transition into the mass production phase of PEF bottles. Avantium is also actively discussing
partnerships with other leading brand owners to develop PEF bottles, fibers and film. In the longer
term Avantium will license its YXY technology to enable large scale, world-wide production and use
of its biobased plastic materials.

Posted on December 21, 2011

Source: Avantium