Nano-Tex Launches Fortify DP Wrinkle-Free Technology

Nano-Tex — an Oakland, Calif.-based supplier of nanotechnology-based textile enhancements for
apparel, home and interiors applications — has developed a finish that provides a high level of
wrinkle resistance while maintaining a fabric’s tear and tensile strength and integrity.

According to Nano-Tex, Fortify DP’s nanoscale molecule structure enables it to penetrate
deeper into the fabric’s fibers, resulting in a higher durable press rate than that provided by
traditional technology. In addition, Fortify DP’s cross-linking structure is longer and more
flexible, which reduces fiber stress under tension and therefore reduces strength loss associated
with traditional wrinkle-free technology. Nano-Tex reports the finish is long-lasting and gives
fabrics a smooth, neat appearance.

October 6, 2011