Clariant Launches Pekoflam® FR Textile Finishes

Switzerland-based specialty chemicals manufacturer Clariant now offers Pekoflam®, a durable
high-performance bicomponent flame-retardant (FR) system for textiles that is free of Oeko-Tex®
restricted substances and can be processed using existing equipment

“The Pekoflam process is based on a synergistic application of phosphorus and nitrogen,”
said Thomas Winkler, head of Clariant’s Textile Chemicals business unit. “When we were examining
the methods currently in use for creating fire retardant textiles as part of our innovation
program, we knew we had to move away from traditional methods and get rid of any formaldehyde
emissions. Balancing our innovation parameters of cost effectiveness, safety and sustainability,
while at the same time providing a viable, commercial solution for our partners in the global
textile industry, has taken some three years of research and development where the final solution
was jointly developed utilizing an external research & development partnership.”

Pekoflam ECO/SYN is targeted to cotton and cotton-rich fabrics. The company reports that the
bicomponent system, which includes ecological and economic Pekoflam ECO and synergistic Pekoflam
SYN, has a minimal impact on fabric strength, is washfast in domestic laundering, performs well in
industrial applications and can be processed using finishing equipment with high-temperature curing
and a suitable wash range.

For man-made fibers including upholstery and carpet applications, Clariant has developed
Pekoflam HFC, a powder FR coating technology that replaces halogen-based compounds with organic
phosphinate compounds. Advantages over halogenated finishes include reduced smoke emissions. In
addition, compared with other phosphorus-based powder FR coatings, Pekoflam HFC offers improved
binder compatibility and reduced impact on rheological behavior, Clariant reports.

October 18, 2011