TradeCard Releases TradeCard 95

New York City-based TradeCard Inc. — a developer of a supply chain collaboration platform that
currently is used by more than 7,800 manufacturers, buyers, sellers and service providers in more
than 60 countries — has introduced a new version of its TradeCard Platform with multiple
enhancements. The latest version of the cloud-based software was implemented to all of TradeCard’s
customers on June 6.

The new features include: an improved navigation screen to simplify ease of use; Advanced PO
Collaboration upgrades to simplify confirmation of key purchase order terms with suppliers;
improved Advanced Visibility (Work in Process) offering enhanced visibility of the production
process; and enhancements to the Factory Xpress scan & pack and supplier enablement solution
including PC scan station support for item scanning and other usability and visibility

“Recent events in Japan and the Middle East have demonstrated the fragility of today’s supply
chains,” said Kurt Cavano, CEO, TradeCard. “TradeCard delivers a collaborative network of trading
partners, supply chain services and trade finance providers that enable individual parties to
collaborate as a strategic supply chain to reduce costs and risks. The latest version of the
TradeCard Platform presents rich new capabilities in pre-PO planning, work in process tracking and
factory floor automation that allow brands, retailers and their supply chains to operate with more
agility, speed and transparency to counter the uncertainties we face today.”

June 14, 2011