GreenShield® Fabric Finish Receives U.S. Patent For Nanoparticle-Based Stain-Resistant Technology

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — June 2, 2011 — BigSky Technologies LLC announced the issuance of the first in a
series of patents for their GreenShield® fabric finish technology. GreenShield is a new process for
water-, oil-, and stain-repellency that replaces the conventional polymer-based chemicals with
particle-based green nanotechnology, reducing the use of fluorochemicals by as much as 10 times.

The proprietary technology covered by the patent represents a new application for biomimicry
by truly simulating the natural water repellency in the microscopic roughness of a lotus leaf
surface. Undetectable to human touch, the microscopic surface roughness of fabric treated with
GreenShield finish allows water and oil to roll off the surface, resulting in superior water- and
oil-repellency and stain-resistance. The water-based formulation is safe and environmentally
friendly, reduces fluorocarbons by 6-10 times, but at the same time maintains the hand and feel of
fabrics, and is permanent with excellent wash-durability.

The patent, number 7,879,743, marks a major milestone for the two-year-old company, which
manufactures textile finishes inspired by nature. “Our goal was always a greener stain-resistant
technology,” says Dr. Cathy Fleischer, Managing Partner, BigSky Technologies LLC. “We have been
able to scientifically mimic the repellency of the lotus leaf, using 6-10 times fewer fluorocarbons
in the process. That’s a first.”

GreenShield is certified by SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) to deliver outstanding
stain-resistance to fabrics while reducing the amount of chemicals that negatively impacts the
environment.  Products coated with GreenShield were tested and verified as 6-10 times lower in
fluorine relative to competitors by Galbraith Laboratories, one of the largest independent testing
facilities in the world. 

Posted June 3, 2011

Source: PRNewswire