Amann Group Debuts Xtreme-Tech Sewing Thread

Amann & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG (the Amann Group) — a Germany-based developer of sewing and
embroidery threads for a range of applications — has introduced Xtreme-Tech, a high-performance
sewing thread based on ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) Dyneema® fiber
manufactured by DSM Dyneema, the Netherlands. The company received an Innnovation Award, which
recognizes outstanding product innovations and solutions, for Xtreme-Tech at the inaugural
Texprocess processing textile and flexible materials trade show held last month in Frankfurt.

Amann Group developed special twisting, coating and coloring techniques to create
Xtreme-Tech, which the company reports is easy to process and to dye. The low-weight, high-strength
thread is suitable for applications with high safety requirements, including sailing, haulage
ropes, paragliders, fishing nets, aerospace, load restraint/lifting systems and protective
clothing; as well as sports gear such as climbing equipment, ropes and harnesses. Amann initially
developed Xtreme-Tech for its customer AmSafe Industries Inc., Phoenix, which is currently using it
to develop super-strong cargo restraint systems for Freighter Aircrafts.

“Most companies already know about the impressive properties of Dyneema fiber in terms of
durability and strength, but have not been aware of its outstanding performance in sewing thread,”
said Yvonne Engelen, vice president, innovation, DSM Dyneema. “As a highly sustainable solution for
many applications, Amann’s new Xtreme-Tech with Dyneema will enable many companies to optimise
their products as a result of stronger seams, and in many cases increase the lifetime of their

Amann Group and DSM Dyneema have entered into a strategic trademark agreement under which the
companies will market and sell Xtreme-Tech and other new products they plan to develop in

June 7, 2011