Tukatech Introduces Styku™ Online Fitting Room

Tukatech Inc. — a Los Angeles-based provider of product development solutions for the apparel and
sewn goods industry — has introduced Styku™, a true-to-life online fitting room that enables
consumers to virtually try on a garment via an avatar. According to the company, the technology
will increase retailers’ online sales, reduce returns and remove customers’ hesitancy to purchase
apparel online.

When viewing garments on a retailer’s website, consumers click “try it on” to launch the 3D
application. The user is then prompted to create an avatar or to sign in to access an avatar
previously created from user-provided measurements. Users may view garments on their avatars, post
images on Facebook to get feedback, view multiple sizes simultaneously, and view a color map to
detect differences among sizes across brands. Tukatech is working with body scanning companies to
facilitate avatar creation.

As a hosted, service-based technology, Styku can be customized and scaled as needed, and its
use is free of charge to consumers. Retailers do not need to invest in hardware, software or
infrastructure, and payment is required only when sales increase and returns are reduced. Exclusive
Tukatech clients will receive a private beta version of Styku in fall 2011; and the company will
officially launch the technology in early 2012.

May 17, 2011