TenCate Reports Turf Installation Featuring Monoslide Ultra™ With XQ™ Technology

Dayton, Tenn.-based TenCate Grass Americas — a manufacturer of synthetic turf system products, and
a division of the Netherlands-based Royal Ten Cate — reports the first synthetic turf field
featuring TenCate Monoslide Ultra™ with XQ™ technology turf blades is to be installed at the
Christian Unified School District in San Diego. Hellas Construction Inc. — an Austin, Texas-based
sports turf supplier and constructor of sports facilities — is installing the field.

TenCate Monoslide Ultra monofilament turf blades feature a 3D ribbed crescent shape that
bolsters turf resilience. The ribs are positioned in such a way as to avoid thin spots in the
fiber, making the blades more durable and split-resistant than conventional turf fibers. Concave
surfaces between the ribs deflect light in multiple directions, which reduces glare and offers a
more natural look. TenCate reports the proprietary XQ technology provides strength to withstand
significant material stresses found in structurally shaped turf blades.

According to TenCate, Hellas selected the technology for its Insurrection™ turf system
because of its durability and natural appearance. The San Diego installation is expected to be
completed at the end of this month, and several other installations will follow, TenCate reports.

May 17, 2011