Techtextil 2011 Exhibitor Preview: HIP-MITSU

SPRESIANO, Italy — May 4, 2011 — The Italian HIP-MITSU is one of the most qualified producers of
web-coating and laminating equipment, systems and turn-key lines for hot melt adhesives

Specialization, technological innovation and continuous R&D are our strength points,
evidence being supported by several international patents owned from the company.

More than 1.900 machines successfully installed worldwide in 38 Countries into the most
different industrial fields allowed the company to accumulate skills, transferred to the Customers
in each phase of the investment evaluation. 

At the forthcoming Techtextil HIP-MITSU will show the last technological developments into
following fields:


Hot melt application – process

·         hot melt adhesive coating

·         double and multi-layer hot melt lamination

·         UV coating and laminating

·         Hot melt spraying

·         Hot melt dot application

·         Hot melt glue line application

·         Sheets and boards coating and lamination

Hot melt application – final results

·         Breathable TBS

·         Technical textile coating &

·         Assembly of end products and substrates

·         Foam coating and

·         Labels and label stock

·         Paper coating and

·         Nonwoven coating and

·         Film

·         Tapes and specialty tapes coating &

·         Breathable, filtering, self-adhesive,
waterproofing, bituminous membrane coating &

·         Hot melt carpet backing



and related coming advantages: production flexibility, quick variation of process parameters
(coating width, coating weight, pattern, adhesive, etc), machine downtimes close to zero, modular
philosophy for later on machine integration.

HIP-MITSU modular solutions give answer to every application need from 0,3 up to 6.000 mm
coating width, speeds from 2 up to 800 m/min, adhesive coating weights from 0.02 up to 1.000 gr/sqm
and roll diameter up to  1.600 mm, both for continuous, partial and intermittent applications.

HIP-MITSU also avails of a modern Competence Center, equipped with a full range of production
lines enabling testing on Customer’s own materials in each phase of the project.

Posted on May 9, 2011