Web Processing Reports Significant Orders

Web Processing (M/C) Ltd. — a United Kingdom-based manufacturer of custom-designed machines for
coating, laminating, flocking and prepregging composites — reports it has received significant
orders in the first quarter of 2011, including one from an overseas client that purchased a
375,000-euro PUR hot melt applicator and lamination machine for composite materials.

The affordable, compact machine can be designed for fabric-to-fabric, fabric-to-foam or
fabric-to-film lamination applications in a variety of industries. The machine can laminate thin,
flexible materials, and when configured correctly, can coat and laminate semi-rigid and rigid
panels to a range of other flexible and non-flexible substrates. Features include a heated,
engraved applicator roller and doctoring assembly, and a precision-ground and -chromed back-up
roller and lap rollers, which may be tailored to meet customer specifications.

Web Processing also has introduced new towpreg machines, which combine unidirectional fiber
tapes with resin systems as a precursor to composite manufacturing. The company now offers fabric
construction, resin formulation, prepregging, mold design and molding in a complete package.

The company currently is working on several new hot melt and composites developments, and
reports there has been interest in its work on plasma treatment technology to improve adhesion
between composite layers.

Web Processing also is currently working on R&D composite prototypes for The Bentley
Motor Co., UK; and is the exclusive agent for Germany-based Bafatex Scrims, a manufacturer of light
and heavy wet-laid scrims used for reinforcement in composites and other sectors.

The company plans to extend its prepreg technology into the carpet, artificial turf and
geosynthetic markets; and offers the technology in affordable, made-to-order production equipment
from 6 meters wide.

April 19, 2011