Techtextil 2011 Exhibitor Preview: Trützschler Nonwovens GmbH

DÜLMEN and EGELSBACH, Germany — April 8, 2011 — Trützschler Nonwovens will be showing its latest
innovations in Man Made Fibre and Nonwoven Machinery

Newest innovations in the field of Man Made Fibre technology:

Cotton like Fibres

Trützschler Nonwovens has been able to increase line speeds on the Fleissner Fibre Lines:

•    Ready to go for line capacity 300tons/daywith one-side roller suspension

•    Line capacities >300t/day with two-side roller suspension

Compact Tow Drawing consisting of Rollers with individual Torque Motors

The new Fleissner Tow Drawing Unit was recently developed and shows that Trützschler
Nonwovens is Innovative on their Fleissner Fibre Line concepts. The advantages of the new system

•    Less rollers for better performance

•    More flexibility in adjusting fibre properties

•    No wraps on rollers – higher production efficiency

•    No gear boxes

•    Compact – half length of conventional line

•    Better heat transfer – less energy consumption

•    Assembled unit on common platform

•    Consistent torque of rollers, speeds up to 500m/min

•    Economic for line capacities up to 80 tons/day 

Newest innovations in the field of Nonwoven technology:

Double Roller Unit for smoothening and calibrating – Uniform line pressure, in combination with
a uniform gap width, ensures optimal results

In our constant efforts to adapt the products of the Trützschler Nonwovens Group to the
requirements of the market, the calender, the foam padder and the calibration unit of our
production program have been redesigned. The target was to unify the double roller unit to a common
constructional base and at the same time adjust the single aggregates to our customer’s needs

The result is a machine consisting of two rollers which can be used as a calibration unit,
calender, foam padder, squeezing unit or printing unit. Depending on the requirements of the
process the rolls can be installed horizontal or vertical. The diameter of the roller is chosen
based on standard roll diameters according to the actual pressure needed and the process
requirements. The pressure is generated pneumatically; an electro mechanical pressure generation is
foreseen only for calibration units with special requirements.

Of course the rolls can be cooled, heated or cooled and heated. Where necessary the machine
is equipped with a roller-bending-compensation-system.

Line pressure: 50 – 600 N/cm

Output: < 100 m/min

Working width: < 7,000

Hydro Entangling in new applications

Trützschler Nonwovens have been active in developing new markets for hydro entangling and one
of the new products are hot air filters. The mechanically pre-needled webs are finished with the
Fleissner AquaJet resulting in better efficiencies and higher filter qualities due to smoother
surface of the fabric. Also it is possible to reduce the weight of the filter media keeping the
same filtration efficiency, which reduces the cost of the fabric.

There have been further developments with splittable fibers processed via an Erko pre needle
loom and a Fleissner AquaJet. Samples will be presented.

Erko Needle Punching Lines

Erko has further advanced their needle looms by a high efficient suction system keeping the
stripper plates clean and to improve the uptime especially on recycled fiber materials, which are
more and more used in Nonwoven products.

Energy saving in thermal processes (drying & bonding)

Trützschler Nonwovens focuses its development work more and more on the reduction of
energy costs. A modern line becomes even more efficient not only through an optimal line layout and
by using highly efficient drive systems but in particular by additional energy recovery measures.
Trützschler Nonwovens will present concepts for the reduction of the energy consumption in their
own production lines.

Trützschler Nonwovens Technology Center:

The Trützschler Nonwovens Technology Centers in Dülmen and Egelsbach are specially equipped
towards the requirements of our customers. We can demonstrate all technologies from fiber
preparation, web formation, web bonding to web finishing for product development and customer

Erko Trützschler Center in Dülmen:

The reopening of our customer and R&D center with an area of more than 1,300 m² is
scheduled for middle of 2011 and will include the following machines:

–    Fiber opening and blending

–    Carding Line with cross lapper, web drafter and needle loom (working
width 3.5m)

–    Airlay line with double belt oven for thermobonding (working width 2.5m)

Fleissner Trützschler Center in Egelsbach:

The customer center and laboratory building with an area of 3,300 m² includes the following

–    Fiber opening and blending;

–    Tuftfeeder “Scanfeed”;

–    Card TC-07-H;

–    Card EWK 413;

–    Omega Thermobonder;

–    Pulp scatterer “Airlaid”;

–    AquaJet (ww 1.0);

–    Multi Drum Dryer;

–    Winder;

–    Pilot line for carpet bonding and secondary back coating

–    Binder bonding slot die coating with infrared-predrying and drum drying

–    Drum heat setting unit and calendar, e.g. for geotextiles;

–    Man-made fiber line with Spinning unit for PP, polyester and bico fibers.

In its present position, Trützschler Nonwovens is able to meet any future challenges of the
nonwoven market. Their continued business success is based on a clear focus on the market, the end
products and the customers.

Posted on April 8, 2011

Source: Trützschler Nonwovens GmbH