Sawgrass Introduces Three Ink Colors For Epson 4880 Printer

The Consumer Division of Sawgrass Technologies Inc. — a Charleston, S.C.-based developer of digital
printing technologies — had added three SubliJet IQ® sublimation ink colors formulated for use with
the Epson® Stylus Pro 4880 Inkjet printer.

Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow and Blacklight Blue may be used as individual spot
colors or combined with CMYK, and are suitable for creating high-visibility safety apparel and
signage or for fashionable, psychedelic and retro looks. Sawgrass reports that images printed using
the Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow colors are especially vivid in natural and black light.

Blacklight Blue is invisible in natural light and can only be seen when exposed to black
light. It is comparable to ink used on driver’s licenses or nightclub hand-stamps and is suitable
for identification, anti-piracy and novelty applications.

The Epson Stylus Pro 4880 Inkjet printer employs raster image processor software, features an
eight-cartridge configuration and has a 17-by-22-inch printing field. The sublimation printing
solution is supported by Sawgrass’s PartnersPlus program, which offers online product support,
technical phone support and a full product warranty.

April 5, 2011