Morrison Supplies Denim Processing Machinery In Mexico, Asia

Morrison Textile Machinery Co., Fort Lawn, S.C., reports it recently has received orders for denim
processing machinery and equipment from several denim manufacturers in Mexico and Asia. Sales of
Morrison Denim Systems include the following:

Mexico-based Manufacturas Kaltex S.A. de C.V. is expanding its production with the
installation of two MDS integrated denim finishing ranges that feature S8 compressive shrinking
units with AutoGRIND™ for automated resurfacing/belt grinding based on a two-hour grind cycle.
AutoGrind documents current belt thickness and meters produced since the previous grind cycle. A
GrindVAC™ vacuum system captures belt resurfacing by-products.

In Bangladesh, Ha-Meem Denim Ltd. has ordered a second MDS integrated denim finishing range,
this one featuring a new modular component design and S8 rubber belt shrinking unit with GrindVac
and SanforTROL™ shrinkage control. According to Morrison, SanforTrol is the only truly closed-loop
shrinkage control system available.

As part of a planned expansion, Partex Denim Ltd., also based in Bangladesh, has ordered
Morrison’s SPECTRUM™ 250 indigo rope range for 24 or 32 rope production, four BW 450 ball warpers
with creels, 10 MDS RB 550 rebeamers with yarn strummers, reverse drive accumulators and tub
turners, and two MDS integrated denim finishing ranges with S8 rubber belt shrinking unit with
GrindVac and SanforTrol and a WESTechnologies™ data collection system.

Three China-based companies — Shaoguan Shunchang Weaving, Shijiazhuang Fangyu I & E and
Upper Universe — have ordered indigo rope dye ranges for 24 ropes with 12 dye boxes and over dye
steamers to enable processing of dark shades and maximize color flexibility.

In India, Oswal Denim Ltd. has ordered another Spectrum rope range with eight dye boxes for
processing of dark shades and certain sulfur dyes; as well as a second MDS integrated denim
finishing range with a new modular designed compressive shrinking unit featuring AutoGrind.

India-based LNJ Denim, part of RSWM Ltd., has ordered 2 MDS RB 550 rebeamers, each featuring
AC drives, reverse drive accumulators, sheet strummers and single end winders.

March 29, 2011