Dyneema Purity® Selected For Ovesco Endoscopy’s OTSC® System

The Netherlands-based biomedical materials science company DSM Biomedical — a division of life
sciences and materials sciences company Royal DSM NV — reports its Dyneema Purity® fiber has been
selected by Germany-based Ovesco Endoscopy AG for use in its Over-The-Scope-Clipping (OTSC®) System
for flexible endoscopy. A superelastic Nitinol clip, implanted using an applicator cap attached to
the tip of a gastroscope or colonoscope, delivers constant force at the clip’s implantation site.
Dyneema Purity’s strength and pliability offer the high-tension forces that are required to implant
the Nitinol clip, and aid placement of the clip in the gastrointestinal tract. The OTSC, recently
approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the United States, is effective for
endoscopic digestive organ wall closures and treating gastrointestinal hemorrhages, according to
the companies.

“With the announcement of our FDA approval for the OTSC System in December 2010, we can
continue fulfilling our primary mission of providing advanced treatment for complex conditions in
the digestive tract and gastrointestinal organs,” said Gunnar Anhöck, Ovesco Endoscopy. “We are
confident that using Dyneema Purity fiber for its unique mechnical performance, specifically the
high strength, low elongation and high pliability within our OTSC technology, will enhance clip
alignment and improve patient results.”

March 22, 2011