Alps Industries To Use Huntsman’s Avitera™ SE And Eriopon® LT

Singapore-based Huntsman Textile Effects reports that Alps Industries Ltd. — an India-based
manufacturer of yarns, home furnishings, natural dyes and fashion accessories — will begin using
Huntsman’s recently introduced Avitera™ SE dyes and Eriopon® LT clearing additive as part of Alps’s
sustainability efforts.

According to Huntsman, the two products can be used together to process cellulosic fibers and
blends at temperatures lower than 60°C using short dyeing and washing-off cycles — resulting in
water, time and energy savings; as well as a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

“This ground-breaking new technology, which allows water and energy savings of 50 percent and
more, is an opportunity for mills, brands and retailers to make a real difference,” said Stephen
Gray, vice president, Research & Technology, Huntsman Textile Effects. “Avitera SE dyes and
Eriopon LT have a unique set of properties that ensure much lower processing costs, yet
high-quality results and greatly improved environmental acceptability. All of these benefits make a
key contribution to sustainability in textile processing.”

The company reports the highly soluble dyes may be used in ultra-short liquor ratios, and
offer good lab-to-bulk and bulk-to-bulk shade reproducibility. The dyes are compatible with
Huntsman’s Gentle Power Bleach™ pretreatment system, which features enzyme technology capable of
low-temperature bleaching at a neutral pH. The system enables up to a 40-percent reduction in water
and energy consumption during pretreatment.

February 8, 2011