Tatham Introduces TS System

United Kingdom-based Tatham Ltd. — a global supplier of drive and control equipment for woolen and
nonwovens processing — recently launched the TS System, a variable machinery drive system that
reduces energy consumption by up to 50 percent. According to Tatham, the system eliminates current
spikes that occur during acceleration and torque surges, which decreases the wear on mechanical
system components as well as stress on the complete drive mechanical transmission line.

The TS System range includes TS and TSe weight control technology and crosslappers. TS
variable speed drives are suitable for most applications and are used in carding machines,
crosslappers, needlelooms, and spinning and twisting frames. Tatham reports it is able to upgrade
any carding machine with drives and weight control and can tailor specifications to meet customers’

“A TS drive system will directly replace any mechatronic DC drive or standard DC drive, with
the latest AC variable speed drives offering the most practical solution both technically and
economically,” said Jim Kelly, senior electrical engineer, Tatham. “The drives are completely
synchronised and do not require feedback devices, allowing finite control of the machine at all

Tatham reports it has installed numerous TS Systems globally, including on a Hergeth
crosslapper in Malaysia, a medical textile line and several woolen carding lines in the U.K., and a
carbon fiber line in the United States.

January 25, 2011