The Rupp Report: To Be A Real McCoy

In tough times, every industry needs people who distinguish themselves with extraordinary courage
and truth. William McCoy was one of these extraordinary people. He became a symbol for showing
quality, courage and faith.

There are as many ways to say “one of a kind,” “unique,” or the “only one” as there are
different languages. The Americans have another expression for something or someone very special:
“This is the real McCoy.” I wonder if everybody who uses this expression knows what it is all
about. Maybe some whisky aficionados know it better.

Trust And Reliability

It goes back many years in history to the time of U.S. prohibition in the late 1920s: As
everyone knows, in those days, alcohol was strictly forbidden all over the United States. But, as
in every time, there are people more clever than others who find ways to get around obstacles:
Captain William McCoy, a smuggler from the United States, imported for the Americans top-quality
Scotch whisky through his own supply channel. And by providing quality whisky instead of moonshine,
Captain McCoy got a reputation for delivering the right-quality goods, based on trust and
reliability, even as a smuggler. He was the real McCoy. Of course, these things happened behind
closed doors. But even in the somewhat odd business of smuggling alcohol, the same

prerequisites are needed to have a win-win situation for both parties in the deal.

Textile Prohibition

Now you may say, dear reader, where is the connection with our own industry? It has a lot to
do with the behavior of many textile machinery suppliers in the past troubled years. Over the past
two to three years, there has often been a feeling that we are living in a textile prohibition.
Rarely has good news about quality, reliability and trust appeared in the markets. Instead, only
moaning about bad times, dropping markets and turnover has been heard around the world. And, with
some exceptions, one could always wonder if the industry has anything to say about new
developments. “Not yet” was mostly the answer given during a recent search for good news. So
everybody knows the end of the story: a market without faith is condemned to fail; after the
glorious year of 2007, the house of cards collapsed.

It’s Time To Tell

In good times, it’s easy to behave in an open and generous way. But in bad times, every
industry needs McCoys who show their courage and faith and know what it takes to be outstanding and
to fight problems. And, as the Rupp Report has reported over the fast few months, it’s betting
better in the industry.

And in view of the most important event next year, ITMA Europe,

Textile World
invites the entire textile machinery industry to behave in this way. Show your flag — let the
industry know about your achievements. Is your brand a real McCoy? Then it’s time to tell your

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December 21, 2010