Sanitized AG Introduces Sanitized® T20-19

Switzerland-based Sanitized AG — a producer of antimicrobial hygiene products and material
protection for textiles and plastics — has introduced Sanitized® T20-19 antimicrobial fabric finish
to the North American market. The finish is designed for cotton and cotton-blend items requiring
high-wash durability including apparel such as underwear, outerwear, workwear, sportswear and
outdoor wear; home textiles such as upholstery, bath towels, terrycloth and table linens; bedding
textiles such as mattresses, mattress protectors and bed linens; and technical textiles for filter
systems and nonwovens applications.

The active ingredient in Sanitized T20-19 is quaternary ammonium salt, which not only
prevents bacteria growth and reproduction but also acts as a chemical anchor through an organic
silicium function, which forms a stable and highly wash-resistant bond with all cellulosic fibers.
According to Sanitized, application of the finish requires less solvent to be used than for other
antimicrobial finishes, offering benefits including reduced cost, decreased flammability, improved
work with textile effects such as thermomigration and colorfastness, and reduced product remaining
in the wastewater. Sanitized T20-19 also is bluesign® approved and meets Oeko-Tex® Standard 100,
Class I-IV, requirements.

“We developed Sanitized T20-19 not only as a more economical but also a more ecological
choice,” said Darrell Burnette, North American business development manager, Sanitized AG. “Because
it is easy to apply during either the pad or exhaust processes, textile manufacturers will find it
a less expensive way of providing their customers with more high-wash durability. Meanwhile, the
customers feel the freshness and comfort in wearing cotton or cotton blend clothing treated with
the Sanitized T20-19 antimicrobial finish while benefiting from its ability to reduce bacterial
odors and to withstand frequent washings.”

December 14, 2010