Rhodia Introduces Evolite™ By Technyl®

Rhodia Group — a France-based manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the automotive, consumer
goods, electronics, industrial, flavors and fragrances, and health, personal and home care markets
— has launched Evolite™ By Technyl®, a range of high-performance polyamide-based
continuous-fiber-reinforced composite materials.

Glass, carbon or other fibers can be used to make Evolite materials, which Rhodia offers in
recyclable pre-impregnated fabrics or consolidated plates for end-uses including transport seating,
car bumper beams and front-end structures, racing bicycle frames, or window frames. According to
the company, parts comprising Evolite exhibit good strength, toughness and ageing properties as
well as improved crash resistance. Because the material is more fluid, production of Evolite is
faster than that of thermoset technologies, thereby offering cost savings.

“Evolite is a breakthrough solution with considerable growth ahead of it,” said François
Hincker, president of Rhodia’s Engineering Plastics Global Business Unit. “We see it as setting the
standard for future generations of composites.”

November 9, 2010