ICL-Industrial Products Launches TexFRon™ Sustainable FR Dispersions For Textiles

ICL-Industrial Products (ICL-IP), Israel — a producer of bromine, magnesia and chlorine from Dead
Sea brines; and a manufacturer of flame retardants (FRs), bromides, magnesia products, phosphorous
and chlorine-based products for a range of applications — has developed TexFRon
, a next-generation line of water-based FR dispersions that offer durable protection
for a wide variety of fabric finishes along with a reduced chemical footprint in the end product.

The products are available in several solutions, including TexFRon 9025 and TexFRon 9020 for
FR coating and back-coating formulations that are durable to soaking and washing; and TexFRonP and
TexFRon P+ solutions based on acrylic copolymer emulsions with chemically bound bromine and
offering durability to up to 50 launderings for FR fabrics made with cotton, polyester or blends of
the two fibers.

According to ICL-IP, TexFRon is “environmentally acceptable” because it comprises a
completely polymerized, non-leaching bromine system; and, because of its water-based acrylate
structure, it is easy to handle and can be adjusted to work with various finish application methods
and other functional properties.

November 30, 2010