Invista Introduces Newest Low-Melt, Sealing-Grade Polyester Polymer

WICHITA, Kan. — INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated polymers and fibers producers, has
added Polyclear® Seal PET 7001/7003 for low-melt applications to its sealing-grade PET polymers
portfolio.  Polyclear® Seal PET 7001 and 7003 were developed and further optimized on
INVISTA’s continuous polyester polycondensation pilot line in Gersthofen, Germany.

“Polyclear® Seal PET 7001 and 7003 addresses the market need for a low-melt, sealing grade
PET polymer.  Both polymers feature exceptional performance in use, with the primary
difference being Polyclear® Seal PET 7001 is produced with an alternative catalyst,” said Ottmar
Schmidt, INVISTA Polymer and Resins general manager for Europe.  “The continuous polyester
polycondensation pilot line was the cornerstone asset in the development of these polymers, as well
as other polyester polymers from INVISTA, including PolyShield® resin.”

The continuous pilot line is heavily utilized by INVISTA for testing and developing polyester
polymers, process improvements and modifications, and to support commercial scale production
trials.  Due to increased requests by customers, INVISTA has opened this asset to external
parties interested in material and process development or small scale production campaigns of
polyester for fiber, film, containers and engineering resins applications.

“The continuous pilot line is a unique resource for developing and testing innovative DMT- or
PTA-based polyester attributes, including new raw materials and additives; new process
technologies, process modifications and improvements; and support for commercial scale production
trials. This highly flexible asset is capable of producing  a wide-range of condensation
polymers ranging from standard PET to PBT, PETG, PEN and other specialties,” said Dr. Stephan
Kretschmer, Director, Quality and Research for INVISTA’s European Polymer & Resins business.

Kretschmer went on to say, “The experienced INVISTA Quality and Research team works with you
through the entire process, from consultatory trial planning through scientific trial
documentation, to ensure successful and reliable results.  This line offers customers the
flexibility to test and optimize materials on a small, and thus economically reasonable scale,
prior to commercial-scale production.”

The continuous pilot line has a nameplate capacity of 40 kg/h with a throughput ranging from
20 kg/h to 56 kg/h.  Dosing points for additives covering all stages of the process are
positioned throughout the line, including the capability of feeding liquid (molten) additives into
the post finisher transfer line.

Posted on August 10, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of Invista