Clariant Unveils Pad/Sizing-Ox For Advanced Denim Dyeing

Switzerland-based specialty chemicals manufacturer Clariant International Ltd. has introduced
Pad/Sizing-Ox, an eco-efficient dyeing procedure that is the latest technology in the company’s
Advanced Denim water-saving dyeing concept. According to the company, Pad/Sizing-Ox delivers the
same effects, colors and shades as Advanced Denim in a one-step sizing and dyeing process that
reduces water consumption by up to 92 percent, produces almost no wastewater, and offers 30-percent
greater energy savings and 63-percent less waste cotton than conventional dyeing procedures. The
Pad/Sizing-Ox dyeing process is based on Clariant’s recently patented Arkofil® DEN-FIX sizing agent
innovation and is particularly well-suited for dyeing of small and varied denim batches.

“Helping the denim industry to achieve maximum results with minimum resources is fundamental
to Clariant’s Advanced Denim concept,” said Miguel Sanchez, head of Global PL Dyes for Cellulose,
Clariant’s Textile Chemicals business unit. “Our extensive research and development to bring
innovation through new products and technologies is creating new possibilities in fashion effects
as well as addressing the need and demand for ever-more sustainable, efficient production by the
textile industry.”

The Advanced Denim process enables eco-bleaching wash-down with ozone and peroxide instead of
harmful chemicals such as hypochlorite or permanganate. When used in combination with Clariant’s
full range of Diresul® RDT sulfur dyes – including the non-indigo-based Indicolors dyes – the
process offers unique effects, improved color depth and fastness and tone and shade reproduction,
and an easy application process, the company reports.

August 31, 2010