High IQ® Brand Expands Its Range With New Water Repellent Effect: High IQ® Clean And Dry Comfort

Singapore — June 25 , 2010 — Huntsman Textile Effects is pleased to announce the launch of a new
finish to its very popular and innovative High IQ® brand. High IQ® Clean and Dry Comfort is a brand
new effect which prevents water from penetrating the fabric for a clean, dry and comfortable
feeling. The special waterproof finish creates a barrier effect, repelling liquids which simply
pearl off.

A repellent finish built into the fabric reduces the surface tension of the textile to such
an extent that it simply blocks liquids from penetrating. It has no affect on the natural
properties of the fiber’s appearance or breathability; on the contrary, it even enhances the fabric
with a soft handle. Thanks to a new innovative hydrophobic system, based on non-fluorine
technology, the finish can withstand up to 30 washes.

High IQ® Clean and Dry Comfort is both economical and environmentally friendly. Higher color
retention, longer lasting fabrics and faster drying properties mean lower costs and less pollution.
The finish is suitable for all fibers and constructions, and provides excellent shade consistency
even for high whites and pastels making it ideal for garments and home textiles.

In addition to the above, High IQ® has also freshness effects in two new varieties to better
meet the needs of today’s modern society.

High IQ® Freshness on Demand – where consumers can actually choose a scent to match their
mood! High IQ® Active Freshness – with a built-in antibacterial which protects the wearer from
malodors. Whether it is High IQ® Active Comfort, Cool Comfort, Easy Care, Lasting Color and Sun
Protection or Sun Protection for Kids, every finish in the High IQ® range contributes actively to
resource saving by using less water and energy and thanks to lasting performance.

Posted on July 6, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of Huntsman
Textile Effects