Cognex Dataman 100 Verifier Offers ISO 15426-2 Compliant Verification For 2d Data Matrix Codes

NATICK, Mass. — June 2010 — Cognex Corporation has announced enhancements to its DataMan® 100 2D
Data Matrix code quality verifier. 

The DataMan 100 Verifier has been redesigned for faster setup and easier operation with a new
lighting assembly, adjustable 30 and 45 degree angle lighting, an optional height-adjustable stand,
and a new part positioning guide for easier location of codes. 

The DataMan 100 verification system provides compliant grading to the ISO15415, AIM DPM and
AS9132 code quality standards and guidelines, and has been tested for compliance to the ISO 15426-2
standard for verification systems.  Compliance to the ISO15426-2 standard was made possible in
December, 2009 with the release of GS1 Judge Certified Test Cards that have been tested on the
recently completed 10x capability industry benchmark verification system. 

“The DataMan 100 verification system has been significantly improved to offer superior ease
of use, while building on the reliable grading performance of the original system,” said Carl
Gerst, Business Unit Manager for Cognex ID Products.  “Customers now get a true turnkey system
which leverages high-performance Cognex software along with advanced optics, lighting and
calibration features to ensure reliable verification on the widest range of mark types and

Highlights of the new DataMan 100 verification system include: Integrated, adjustable 30/45
degree low-angle lighting and integrated 90 degree DOAL lighting; A multi-hole mounting plate for
direct attachment of verifier assembly to a fixed mounting location or to the optional adjustable
stand; Clear part positioning guide with open window for easy and consistent code location; Control
box with integrated I/O Module, power supply and quick connect lighting cable for easy setup;
10-inch X-Z adjustable stand kit with large base plate for standalone use (optional). 

The DataMan 100 Verifier is available now.  For more information, visit

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Posted on July 6, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of Cognex Corp.