TigerTurf XP40 Artificial Grass Selected For Goals Soccer Center In Los Angeles

Some 80,000 square feet of TigerTurf XP40 from New Zealand-based TigerTurf International — one of
the world’s largest producers of man-made turf, and an affiliate of the Netherlands-based Royal Ten
Cate NV — was recently installed in Los Angeles at the home of the first U.S. Goals Soccer Center,
which is owned by United Kingdom-based Goals Soccer Centers Plc. The soccer facility features 11
soccer fields catering to people of all ages and all skill levels who wish to play five-a-side

California Ultimate Turf, a representative of TigerTurf Americas, was selected to construct
the fields and install the TigerTurf XP40.

Les Allan, president and CEO, Goals Soccer Center’s U.S. operations, mentioned quality of
play, durability and ease of maintenance as some of the deciding factors when choosing TigerTurf
over competitive products. Allan evaluated different turf options, visited numerous TigerTurf
installations, talked with experienced soccer players and played soccer on a TigerTurf field before
making his decision.

“The team at California Ultimate Turf was very impressive and very professional,” Allan said.
“Our new Goals Soccer Center in Los Angeles is the best facility of its kind in the United States.
Because it is truly a world-class facility, I was not willing to compromise on the quality of the
turf. I wanted the best turf available.”

According to the manufacturer, TigerTurf’s tape yarns are different from competitors’
products because they do not lie flat or split when played upon, and actually twist to form a
highly playable turf surface. It also reports that additional benefits include: even, natural ball
roll; durability; excellent tuft bind; resilience; nice appearance; and its ability to hold infill
in place to reduce infill splash, bumps or potholes on the playing surface.

“We’re honored to be part of what is expected to be the first of many of these centers in the
Americas,” said Charles Fleishman, chief sales officer, TigerTurf Americas. “Like California
Ultimate Turf, TigerTurf Americas takes pride in helping our customers to develop facilities for
healthy, enjoyable recreation,” he added.

June 8, 2010