Euratex Holds Annual Assembly, Vice President Vows To Support Textile Industry

The Brussels-based European Apparel and Textile Federation (Euratex) held its annual General
Assembly on June 10. European Commission Vice President and Commissioner for Industry and
Entrepreneurship Antonio Tajani opened the assembly by vowing to support the textile industry and
“improve the functioning of the Internal Market as an instrument to provide jobs.” Tajani stated
that at the end of the financial crisis, the jobs and growth that the European Union (E.U.) needs
depends on the textile industry’s companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Tajani listed his priorities for the future EU industrial policy in general and the textile
and apparel industry in particular, pointing out six specific areas he intends to focus on in the
next five years including: encouraging more innovation; promoting more efficient use of raw
materials, water, energy and other natural resources; reinforcing policies and programs that
support SME activities; setting policies that support continuing industrial restructuring and
modernization; preserving and promoting a qualified workforce; and working toward global fair trade
for E.U. companies. 

Euratex President Dr. Peter Pfneisl noted successful projects Euratex has implemented in
partnership with the European Commission’s Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry, including
the Lead Market Initiative on Protective Textiles and the eBIZ project. “Vice President Tajani, we
are looking forward to continue working very closely with you and your services to ensure that that
European industrial policy provides a framework contributing to the sustainable competitiveness of
our textile and clothing industry in Europe.”

More than 160 participants and representatives from the European textile industry and
institutions attended the public session titled “Sustainability in the European Apparel and Textile
Industry.” The session included discussions on sustainability in the textile and apparel sector and
actions the industry can take to improve its sustainability.

June 22, 2010