Morrison Textile Machinery Supplies Equipment To Asia

Fort Lawn, S.C.-based textile dyeing and finishing machinery producer Morrison Textile Machinery
Co. reports it has had significant sales success with its recently introduced machinery including
the MDS-450 Ball Warper, the MDS-550 ReBeamer and the Spectrum™ Indigo Rope Dye Ranges.

The following companies have purchased both ball warpers and rebeamers: Chonbang Co. Ltd.,
South Korea; Envoy Textiles Ltd., Bangladesh; and Orta Anadolu Ticaret, Turkey; and Turkey-based
DNM Textiles. DNM and Yixing Lucky, China, have purchased indigo rope dye ranges. In addition,
China-based Mou Fung Ltd. has purchased a ball warper.

May 11, 2010