Milliken & Company To Move Part Of Global Floor Covering Division To Spartanburg, Add Jobs

Spartanburg, S.C.-based textile and chemical manufacturer Milliken & Company has announced it
will move part of its Global Floor Covering Division from LaGrange, Ga., to Spartanburg, adding
approximately 40 positions in Spartanburg. According to Milliken Director of Public Affairs Richard
Dillard, the relocation will not involve any job cuts, and additional design, administrative and
support positions may be added as needed.

The move, expected to be completed by early August, will enable the company to improve its
customer service in the Floor Covering Division and will bring all business leadership of its major
divisions at one location.

“The positions we are bringing to the Upstate are high-level leadership jobs along with many
creative and design jobs, some of which could be filled from the local job market,” Dillard said.
“This move reflects our commitment to make our Spartanburg headquarters a showplace like no other
for our customers, a great place to work for our associates, and a facility in which the
Spartanburg community can take great pride. It will assure we are well positioned for the future as
we use the Spartanburg headquarters to create the total customer experience for our business

May 4, 2010