P2i, Global Armour Announce New High-Performance Life-Protection Garments

United Kingdom and Northern Ireland — April 20, 2010 — A revolutionary new generation of
high-performance body armour, launched today, is lighter, more comfortable and more protective than
any previous design, thanks to P2i’s liquid-repellent nano-coating technology.

The new G Tech Vest is a joint development between two world-class UK companies with very
strong credentials for the life protection market: P2i, whose technology was originally developed
to make soldiers’ protective clothing more effective against chemical attack; and Global Armour,
which has been at the leading edge of product innovation in the armour industry for over 30 years.

The G Tech Vest employs brand-new lightweight materials, both in the physical armour itself
(a closely-guarded trade secret) and the fabric that forms the armour into a garment. P2i’s
technology reduces weight by avoiding the need for bulky durable water repellents and increases
comfort by preserving the natural airflow and drape of the garment material.

Dr Terry McCartney OBE, Chairman of Global Armour Ltd, comments: “Police, security and
especially military forces around the world are expressing a keen interest in our newly developed
lightweight high-performance life protection equipment. P2i’s technology will now feature in all
our future contract tenders as an exclusive and highly valuable benefit.”

Dr Stephen Coulson, CTO of P2i Ltd, comments: “P2i stands for perform, protect and improve,
and this latest development plays to all three of our strengths. Our liquid-repellent nano-coating
technology delivers a step-change in comfort and performance, yielding a new generation of light
and comfortable garments that will ease the burden on professionals required to wear
life-protection equipment.”

Protect and improve

While life protection equipment protects wearers from munitions and bladed weapons, garments
themselves require protection against chemical substances used offensively, as well as other water
and oil based contaminants such as rain, dirt and perspiration.

Durable Water Repellents have traditionally been used to proof life protection textiles
against liquids. However, they deposit a thick and inflexible layer of chemicals which adds
significantly to garment weight, bulk and heat retention.

By contrast, P2i’s technology creates a nanoscopic protective polymer layer, one thousand
times thinner than a human hair, over the whole garment, including seams and stitching. When oil or
water encounters this, it forms beads and simply rolls off instead of being absorbed. This prevents
the ingress of external contaminants and encourages evaporated perspiration to flow out, helping
wearers to feel more comfortable in the most challenging performance conditions.

While P2i’s liquid-repellent nano-coating is imperceptible to wearers, it lasts as long as
the garment material itself due to direct molecular bonding with the textile surface.

Minimising weight, maximising comfort

By making life protection equipment more effective but also lighter and more comfortable to
wear, P2i and Global Armour are anticipating keen interest and swift adoption of the G Tech Vest by
Police, Military and Corporate clients throughout the world.

Posted on April 27, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of P2i and Global Armour