TexParts® Introduces Zero Underwinding

Switzerland-based Oerlikon Textile Components has introduced Texparts® Zero Underwinding to the
spinning market as an integrated part of Texparts Spindle Units. The technology prevents underwound
yarn ends accumulating on spindle wharves during autodoffing cycles. Underwound ends eventually
must be cleaned from the spindle; and can affect yarn quality, create fiber fly and lead to
unnecessary energy consumption during winding because of friction build-up. According to the
company, up to 10 percent in energy savings can be realized when winding packages on spindles free
of underwound ends.

Oerlikon Textile reports the Zero Underwinding system features a reliable clamp for yarn
ends, fail-safe yarn cutting with a steel yarn cutter, a precisely defined opening and closing
speed based on the centrifugal ball principle, and easy maintenance and handling.

March 16, 2010