Freudenberg Politex’s Environmental Profile Of Nonwovens For Bituminous Membranes Is Certified

After obtaining the EPD label for Ecozero®, the panels for thermal and acoustic insulation, the
Freudenberg Politex Group continues with the commitment for a responsible development, which is
based on the two pillars of innovation and environmental protection.

Also Texbond® R and Terbond® R, the nonwovens made of recycled polyester and mainly used as
reinforcements for bituminous roofing membranes, have now the certified Environmental Product
Declarations, based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out in the Italian production sites
of Novedrate and Pisticci by the Department of Engineering and Physics of the University of

It is well known that the construction industry is one of the sectors that can contribute
more to the saving of natural resources, through improved energy efficiency of buildings and
especially using products that can guarantee a reduced environmental impact all over their life

The EPD Environmental Declarations, certified by an independent organization, allow
manufacturers of membranes to know the environmental impacts generated during the production of
Freudenberg Politex nonwovens, divided into the different impact categories, and to draw the life
cycle of their finished products accordingly.

Freudenberg Politex, through its integrated upstream processes with the internal production
of fiber from PET bottles recycling, has been contributing to limit the consumption of natural
resources for more than two decades. But the game is not over: we were pioneers in recycling at
that time and we are pioneers in investigating the environmental issues today.

Together with the EPD Declarations, the Climate Declarations are now also available. Taken
from the EPDs, the Climate Declarations easily show the Carbon Footprint of a product, showing the
emissions of green-house gases expressed as CO2 equivalents, based on verified results from LCA in
accordance with ISO 14025. Even in this case Freudenberg Politex is the first nonwovens
manufacturer to make public the results of the LCA done on its production processes.

Through the LCA, which will also soon be carried out also at other sites of the Group, the
aim is to measure the environmental impacts in order to publish the results and also to further
improve them, by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and preserving natural resources where
possible, favouring in this way a truly sustainable business development.Not just a green label,
but a clear, transparent and responsible path, to carry out the responsible behaviour demanded by
the Management of the Group and applied with great determination by the team of experts at
Freudenberg Politex.

Novedrate, February 2010

Posted on March 2, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of Freudenberg Politex