Industrial Netting Offers Woven Mesh Industrial Fabrics

Minneapolis-based Industrial Netting — a producer of plastic netting products for filtration,
material handling, construction, agricultural and industrial applications — has added woven mesh
industrial textiles to its product line. According to the company, the fabrics have finer openings
than traditional extruded nets. Weft or filling threads are run across the width of the fabric at
right angles to the warp machine direction yarn, creating square mesh openings as small as 1

The woven mesh fabrics are offered in a range of nylon, polypropylene and polyester yarns and
fibers. According to the company, the fabrics meet technical requirements for use in automotive,
biomedical, chemical processing and water treatment applications, and can be used as filter cloths.
The mesh fabrics also can be wrapped and ultrasonically welded to the outer surface of Industrial
Netting’s rigid mesh tubes.

February 16, 2010