Brückner Introduces Latest Power-Frame Tenter

Germany-based Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of textile finishing and
dyeing machinery, has introduced the latest-generation Power-Frame tenter. Brückner reports the
tenter features its patented SPLIT-FLOW® air circulation system, enabling it to achieve optimal
drying performance; and a fully automatic control and styles administration to ensure exact,
reproducible finishing results. According to Brückner, the economical heat recovery design enables
energy savings of up to 35 percent. In addition, the tenter’s modular design enables the line to be
individually adapted according to the customer’s needs. Other features include homogenous airflow
and temperature distribution, owing to alternating airflow in the thermo zones; an integrated
straightener with shortest possible fabric path to the pin-on point, offering optimum straightening
results; and robust and low-maintenance chains, chain rails and pin bar carriers and clips.

February 23, 2010