VitaFlex Debuts Latex-free Elastic Nonwoven Fabrics And Products

VitaFlex LLC, an affiliate of Burlington, N.C.-based upholstery fabrics manufacturer and
distributor Burlington Technologies Inc. (BT), has established operations in BT’s Pioneer Plant and
has begun manufacturing an innovative latex-free elastic nonwoven fabric that it will convert into
disposable, recyclable products for medical, pharmaceutical, clean-room, paint and construction,
food-processing, aerospace and other markets. The new company plans to hire approximately 100
employees over the next year.

The new material is based on patented, proprietary technology developed by Dr. De-Sheng Tsai,
the company’s president and chief scientific officer, who previously was a research fellow at
Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont, and who prior to that position had founded two companies in Taiwan.
According to VitaFlex, the technology offers inherent elasticity, breathable barrier
characteristics and conformability; and provides a superior, more cost-effective and
environmentally friendly alternative to traditional elastic nonwoven materials that have latex or
elastomeric polymer components added to them. In addition, VitaFlex products will be produced and
packaged entirely in the United States, whereas most competitive products are produced abroad.

“VitaFlex is a very strong addition to our platform of fine companies, which include
Burlington Manufacturing Services, Se7en Upholstery fabrics, and our other affiliate, Diagnostic
Chips,” said Robert Sills, chairman, BT. “We are very pleased to be providing some much needed
employment for the fine people of Alamance County, Burlington and the surrounding areas.”

The first end-product featuring VitaFlex technology will be a triple-layer, soft-stretch,
form-fitting hood for the paint and construction industry. Packaged two to a bag, the hoods will be
released onto the market in January 2010, according to Susan Heaton, the company’s director of
sales and marketing.

December 1, 2009