New Flat Charge Laminator Is ‘Flat-out’ Fast In Producing Long Composite Wind Parts

December 2009 – The new Flat Charge Laminator (FCL) from MAG Industrial Automation Systems is ideal
for automated, high-production lay-up of composite spars, beams, stringers and similar parts for
wind-blade manufacture. The highly repeatable system drastically reduces labor, while improving
part quality, productivity and consistency. With four heads dedicated to four different materials,
the servo-controlled machine produces constant- or variable-thickness laminates on a segmented
vacuum table, compacting the layers with a force of 13.6 to 136 kg (30-300 pounds). The FCL handles
0/90 prepreg fabric, +/- 45 prepreg fabric, unidirectional tape and, as an option, foil or film.
Maximum material width is 300 mm (12 inches) on rolls up to 635 mm (25 inches) diameter and
weighing up to (150 pounds).   

The machine features four servo-controlled dispensing heads on a placement carriage that
moves on rails integrated with the vacuum bed. The servo-powered placement carriage is driven by
rack-and-pinion system.     

A Siemens PLC precisely controls the entire process, with speed and position feedback from
rotary and linear encoders on dispensing heads and placement carriage. The servo-driven supply
reels are protected with a magnetic clutch override, and the backing paper take-up system is torque
controlled. A stylus cutter cuts prepreg at 90 degrees, without cutting the backing paper. The
minimum course length is 300 mm (12 inches), and multiple short courses can be put down on the same

Options include hot-air heating, tape flaw detection, foil/film feeder, edge tracking, CATIA
software interface, and a semiautomatic load/unload turret for the heads.

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Press Release Courtesy of MAG Industrial Automation Systems

December 8, 2009