Natick Extends Ballistic Development Contract With Nanocomp

Concord, N.H.-based Nanocomp Technologies Inc. — a developer of advanced performance materials and
component products from carbon nanotubes (CNTs) — has announced that the US Army Natick Soldier
Systems Center in Massachusetts has extended its existing contract with Nanocomp to develop carbon
nanotube materials to use in body armor improvements. The original contract was awarded in August

In controlled ballistics testing performed earlier this year, Nanocomp’s CNT composite panels
several millimeters thick successfully stopped 9-millimeter bullets, demonstrating that CNT
material offers significant improvements in protection and can reduce body armor weight. With the
contract extension, the company will further develop and refine its CNT products based on these

“We have worked with the Army Natick Soldier Systems Center for the past several years and
have made significant progress toward the ultimate goal of delivering lighter weight, advanced body
armor solutions for US servicemen and women,” said Peter Antoinette, president and CEO, Nanocomp
Technologies. “But there is still plenty of work left to do and today’s announcement underscores
the Army’s clear commitment to continue the development of next-generation body armor. When fully
proven, this advance could also supply lightweight armor protection for vehicles and

November 3, 2009