ASTM International To Offer Certification Program

West Conshohocken, Pa.-based ASTM International has been granted permission by its Board of
Directors to offer a testing program for products — including materials, products, systems and
services — and personnel. The ASTM International Certification Program is voluntary, and a product
certified through the program is tested at the direction of ASTM by a third-party laboratory to
verify its ability to conform to one or more ASTM standards.

ASTM’s Board of Directors granted the approval after receiving inquiries — particularly
related to new standards development activities — as to whether ASTM could provide certification
to entities requiring an independent, third-party demonstration of standards compliance. ASTM also
received requests from entities that were confronting regulatory pressure to prove standards

“The board agreed that the ability for the Society to offer certification program as a part
of ASTM’s portfolio of services — similar to our successful proficiency testing and training
programs — is important in remaining relevant in the changing global marketplace,” said James A.
Thomas, president, ASTM International. “This is the first step toward certification in ASTM’s
111-year history.”

Any domestic or international manufacturer, distributor or private brand marketer of a
product that falls within the range of an ASTM certification program can apply for certification.
Consumers can benefit from increased confidence and a dependable method of comparing products.
Manufacturers can benefit from fair testing and ratings, possible liability reduction and
facilitation of regulatory compliance.

November 24, 2009