SDC Presents New Quality Assurance Standards

England-based SDC Enterprises Ltd. (SDC), a manufacturer of colorfastness testing consumables for
use in ISO and BS EN ISO test procedures, has introduced two industrial-laundry standard-reference
detergents. SDC reference detergent type 6 with an optical brightening agent (OBA), and OBA-free
SDC reference detergent type 7 can be used in procedures specified in ISO 15797:2002 (E); BS EN ISO
15797:2004 Textiles – Industrial washing and finishing procedures for workwear testing; and BS EN
ISO 105-C12:2006 Textiles – test for Colour fastness part C12: Colour fastness to industrial

SDC also recently introduced a security hologram for use on product packaging to verify the
product’s authenticity. The company also has been offering a Multifibre DW Adjacent Fabric that
includes a security thread woven into the selvage.

“Because each piece of multifibre used for testing continues to be clearly identified as SDC,
testers are able to demonstrate their use of the highest quality material to both accreditors and
those commissioning the tests,” said Mark Yare, managing director, SDC.

August 11, 2009