Polartec Launches FR Fabric System

Polartec LLC — the Lawrence, Mass.-based manufacturer of Polartec® performance fabrics for
consumer and military apparel — has introduced its Polartec flame resistant (FR) total layering
system, offered as an alternative to what the company describes as typically bulky, uncomfortable
FR apparel. According to Polartec, the system is durable, lightweight and breathable; dries
quickly; and does not interfere with range of motion.

“After many years of development work with the US military and work-wear markets, we are
proud to deliver a truly innovative collection of flame resistant fabrics,” said Andy Vecchione,
president, Polartec. “We have added flame resistance without sacrificing the comfort and
performance Polartec fabrics are known for.”

The system comprises a Power Dry® FR base-layer fabric that wicks moisture from the body and
dries quickly; a Power Stretch® FR mid layer; a Thermal FR® lightweight thermal-insulation layer;
and a Wind Pro® FR weather-protective outer layer. The fabrics have undergone independent testing
and have passed relevant industry standards, the company reports.

August 11, 2009