Isok & Ferguson Licensed Outlast® PCM Technology For Golf Shirt

Boulder, Colo.-based Outlast Technologies Inc., developer of Outlast® temperature-regulating
technology and phase-change materials (PCMs) and applications, has added Isok & Ferguson Inc.
— a Tulsa, Okla.-based apparel and accessories manufacturer — as a licensee. Isok & Ferguson
will introduce a men’s performance golf shirt featuring Outlast technology, which features
microencapsulated Thermocules™ that absorb excess body heat, store it and then release it when the
body is cold, thereby balancing the wearer’s skin temperature.

“Outlast technology is well suited for golf wear as it works to balance body temperature and
reduce perspiration both on and off the course and in a variety of weather conditions, thus making
it a multi-functional everyday garment,” said Greg Roda, president and CEO, Outlast Technologies.
“We are looking forward to a long-term partnership with Isok & Ferguson and the opportunity to
expand Outlast technology in this market segment.”

August 11, 2009